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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  March 26, 2014 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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sting, >>fbi agents are executing search and arrest warrants throughout the bay area. >> reporter:chinatown. san mateo. sacramento and dozens of other sites. kron four is there as computers and files. the charges. wire fraud and arms smuggling. leaving his fellow lawmakers stunned. >>this is an extrordinary situaton. >> reporter:arrested along with yee: a well known political chinese gang member, known as shrimp boy. >> catherine: now at 8-- >> catherine: state senator leland yee of san francisco - has been arrested. he's among 26 people named in an f-b-i investigation. in a series of raids. we begin our team coverage with kron 4's dan kerman. he's live outside san francisco's federal courthouse. where yee appeared today. dan? (male announcer): this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now. >> reporter: trading political favors for money placing himself above the law. >> reporter: state senator
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lee left the courthouse on federal charges prickeand in return for connecting an undercover fbi agent with an arms dealer conspiracy trafficking in illegal firearms without a license. accused of six counts of defrauding citizens of honest services sprit he was of 20 people are trained and cited offices of the complaint. >> reporter: dubois welch out is being held behind bars he is sitting released
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yee is being released. >> reporter: g release >> reporter:yess's attorney had little to say. >> reporter:yee has given up his pasport and confined. >> catherine: continuing our team coverage. kron4's justine waldman has been going through the lengthy criminal complaint.. continuing our team
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coverage. kron4's justine waldman has been going through the lengthy criminal complaint.. >> reporter: this is according to the complaint to making a call and writing a letter to the manager of public health and support of a contract under consideration with the fbi agent take client he allegedly had to get himself of $70,000 of debt. according to the documents he asked for campaign contributions agent facts about the availability of shoulder fired missiles i told him about rocket launchers and things like that. no deal could take place until after the
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secretary of state elections in november. is going to attract attention we have to be extra, extra attention is what he was quoted with saying. >> reporter:justine -- i know it's more than 135 pages long. what new details have you >> reporter:the affidavit lays off the corruption charges and details the case against the defendants. and how the fbi agent inflitrated the group. by meeting them first in a karakoe bar. >> reporter:yee performed "official acts" in exchange for donations from undercover fbi agents. including making a call and writing a letter to a manager at the california department of public health, in support of a contract under consideration with the agent's client. yee allegedly needed to get himself out of a $70,000 debt he got during a failed san francisco mayoral bid. >> reporter:according to court documents, state senator leland yee aksed for campaign donations in exchange introducing an undercover agent to an arms dealer.
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>> reporter:the agent asked about the availability of shoulder fired missles or "i told him about rocket launchers and things like that." and to give him a list so yee could see what he could do. >> reporter:but that no deal could take place until after the secretary of state elections >> reporter:"once things start to move, it's going to attract attention. we just got to be extra-extra careful," he said, according to court documents.", yee is quoted as saying in the documents. >> reporter:finally yee is quoted as saying, "people want to get whatever they want to get. do i care? no, i don't care. people need certain things." >> reporter:lee told the agent he was unhappy with his life and that he wanted to hide out in the philippines. but he is also quoted as saying.he had a great life and would not do anything to jeopardize his lifestyle. as catherine mentioned. the criminal complaint is more than 100 pages. if you want to read the full complain. we've posted it on >> reporter:the fbi was all over northern california
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this morning.28 search warrants were served. including in sacramento.where state senator's yee's office was raided. a c-h-p officer stood guard outside yee's office during the search. the feds showed up around 7- am.they were there until about noon. at least nine packages.pieces of possible evidence were taken out of his capitol office. >> reporter: and in san mateo.a home was raided near laurel-wood park. this was on 42nd avenue. the feds walked away with marijuana plants.grow light. and other evidence. a very active morning.and we're still learning the extent of this federal investigation. >> reporter:meanwhile, in san francisco's chinatown. the chee kung tong masonic organization was raided.raymond chow.shrimp boy heads that group.head- quartered on spofford alley. >> reporter: foughtfirefighters had to be called in to crack a safe.they had a big circular saw to break into the safe at the organization known as the chinese free-masons. the feds left with several pieces of potential evidence. >> reporter:another raind in
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san francsico.this on jules avenue near city college. evidence of a marijuana grow house was found inside. >> reporter:in the bayview.yet another raid. this one.a business.bay steel incorporated.on davidson avenue just off third street. we spoke to a man who said he's a co-owner.but said he doesn't know leland yee or raymond chow. it's unclear why bay steel was searched. >> reporter:kron 4's jr stone continues our team coverage tonight. he is live outside state senator yee's home. which was also searched. jr? >> reporter: you are about to see in this video not only taking vials of his residence here and the suspect area of town but taking hard drives and multiple computers to their
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cars to likely analyze them within the coming days. this is what the neighbors had to say. >> i am glad they caught him i do not believe the he should be in politics at all he should be in place to be placed in jail. everything >> i've learned some not surprised. >> figure something down the road would happen. >> i was pretty surprised to hear that i'm living two doors next to someone that is capable of that. >> it angers me of living next door to him what else is he hiding? >> i said, i'll try to get to know the neighbors and he was very and rush in never
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make eye contact kept to himself allowed a lot very secretive guy. >> reporter: synergy is back at his home in the sunset district. senator yee >> reporter: >> catherine: california senate president pro tem - and democratic leader darrell steinberg talked about the charges against yee. and didn't hold back on his comments. >> we are going to go along with our work >> catherine: we're learning more about some of the other people named in the criminal
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complaint. one of them is raymond chow boy." >> i run this city. who can tell me something i can i do?obody. >> catherine: chow was the former leader of a chinese criminal organization with ties to hong kong. keith jackson was also named in the affidavit. he's a well known bay area political consultant. we'll have more details on both men. tonight at 8:30. new at 8-- >> catherine: >> catherine: a bay area school district is making changes. after a teacher is suspected of dozens of sex crimes against children. >> catherine: since ron guinto's arrest, there's been an outcry of concern from parents. tonight. the west contra costa unified school district is meeting to revise its hiring policies. kron 4's jeff bush is live in the east bay with the latest. jeff? >> reporter: concerned parents and that is one it
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came to light that there were no sound background checks for teachers. and that change tonight. >> did not visually cover all of the background checks. we actually tonight are cut up we are doing it now. we change our policy and now we would do it at the board level to make sure that there is accountability.
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>> catherine: ahead at eight. >> catherine: family members mourn a bay area marine. killed by a suspected drunk driver. also -- the drought is threatening california's billion dollar salmon industry. >> catherine: now - wildlife officials take some extreme measures. >>and next-- two boston firefighters are killed today in the line of the sc bulldog: bulldog: [whimpering] has your old bed got you in a twist? well, mattress discounters has up to 48 months interest-free financing. plus, mattress discounters has the largest selection of memory foam mattresses under one roof! queen-size memory foam mattress sets as low as $697! now what's best about 48 months interest-free financing at mattress discounters? it's 28 years in dog financing. ♪ mattress discounters
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>> catherine: in washington state. good news for rescue crews tonight. the number of missing people in after a deadly mudslide has dropped down to 90. authorities continue to search the area hit saturday. tonight, but officials fear that some remains may never be found. now sharing the terrifying moments before the mudslide.
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the t-s-a wants more police counters -- during peak travel times. >> saturday inning for anyone involved in this incident. sad day for anyone involved in this incident. >> catherine:
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>> i've never heard anything like it before i said what the heck is that and we walked over to the window it took me a second to realize it was much racing across the far end of the valley i said all my gosh and it hit us! >> catherine: resources are being used that include helicopters and i lot of excavation equipment. >> catherine: third possible leads in search for missing malaysia airliner 370 new satellite images show that would be lot of debris in
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the southern indian ocean is not clear yet if this is the claim planes and ships from many countries are helping in the search the u.s. has also sent high-tech equipment to try to find the plan locater beacon >> reporter: >> jacqueline: we do have a few showers. about a 10th of an inch of rain about a third of an inch of rain per hour. skirt the area here near the peninsula is a lot of the act to the as dined out at this hour. here is a
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look at futurecast. spotty showers and nothing organized. still a chance of rain. lettered morning hours a little bit of a low. as in and moved into the afternoon of the scattered and not organized we are going to warm over to the three degrees to that with the exception of places like daly city and ocean beach >> jacqueline:
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reduce visibility was snow coming down and live with satellite still in full swing winter weather advisory highlighted in blue. areas above 7,000 ft.. to the overnight hours. more rain on the way. it looks like my computer skipped on. more on forecasts coming up. remains slow. >> catherine: the annual mac-world tech show begins tomorrow in san francisco. and runs through this weekend. it's where all the new i=phone and i=pad accessories are unveiled. our tech reporter gabe slate gives us a preview of what will be on display...
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>> reporter: check out the sharks could you to find a really cool i device that is not on the market. i did received a sneak peek of the things for a few of the things that will be on the show despite display. >> pat q a box with mic, laser to play or interact the with your pet. pet cube
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>> lighter when you want to charge your phone replace it on the metal matt wireless charger and a portable charge and a device that would charge and a iphone of the four times before it needs to be recharged. it gave slate kron4 news. >> catherine: still ahead-- >> catherine: arrests. and shocking allegations of corruption. state senator leland yee has been indicted. in a huge f- b-i investigation. details ahead. >> catherine: also - a construction worker is pulled to safety in the nick of time as a fire rages. he's now talking about his terrifying ordeal.
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>> reporter:new tonight.coming up at the >>o h no! thank jesus >>oh my gosh! oh no! >> reporter: a massive wall of the building came crashing down. >> my eyes were burning at cannot see anything that thought that i would die right here has got to help me. i asked god to help me.
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and the >> reporter: easily no serious injuries to him or anyone else the cause of this fire is still unknown. >> catherine: amazing video. >> catherine: news tonight coming up at the end of this newscast end of this newscast. what spooked some players on the san antonio spurs at a bay area hotel? do you believe in ghosts??? 'they' do.
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>> catherine: ahead at eight.
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>> catherine: wildlife officials give some california salmon a 'ride'.in an effort to keep them safe during drought conditions. >> catherine: later: the ruling today that could change the future of college football. but next-- >> catherine: state senator leland yee is >> catherine: a target in a can't hold my breath ♪ ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable offender ♪ boom, boom, shake the room ♪ the unstoppable -- [ male announcer ] an electric city car here... makes about as much sense as a gas guzzling suv here. ♪ the quick charging, zero emission, all-electric all-new smart electric drive. just $139 a month.
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>> catherine: now at 8:30-- >> catherine: state senator leland yee is a target of a huge federal sting. tonight - yee has been released on 500-thousand dollars bail. here's what we know. he's accused of corruption charges including wire fraud -- and conspiracy to deal firearms. he plans to plead not guilty.and is one of 26 people named in an affidavit. >> catherine: all this - after the f-b-i conducted more than a dozen raids in san francisco, sacramento, and san mateo. seizing computers and files. >> catherine: yee wasn't the only target today. one of the targets of today's raid has a long rap sheet in san francisco.but
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a short stature. raymond chow is just five foot five -- and was called "shrimp boy" when he was growing up in hong kong. the name stuck when he moved here as a teenager. >>bang, bang, bang >> catherine: teenage, raymond chow was there and either heard or rested. his first brush with the and next year the strong arm robbery. at age 18 went to prison for the first time getting out and only to be arrested the next year for firearm. back on the street prostitution in illegal gambling. ready to boast
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about it on the history channel. i run this city. in 1991 he was indicted for a third time. three in 25 years. testified against his former boss if fourth indictment in 1996 did not stick in chou began presenting himself as reform. in 2006 kron4's haazig money and called up with him at a youth group meeting. >> you were at one time the leader of these chinese tree had or mafia triad? >>yes >> but that is my past and i am done with that.
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>> catherine: another of the people arrested in the corruption case today --- political consultant keith jackson. he worked closely with senator yee -- and is accused of soliciting thousands of dollars as kron 4's alecia reid reports - charges against him include international weapons trafficking. >> reporter:keith jackson is accused of soliciting funds for leland yee's secretary of state campaign, in exchange for connections to a weapons dealer. court papers say an undercover agent asked jackson to help him acquire up to 2 million dollars worth of missiles and automatic weapons. >> reporter:documents show jackson assured the agent the deal would go through. the agent had to provide a shopping list. jackson was to turn it over to the arms dealer, who would then give the list to his nephew in the philippines. both senator yee and jackson would have been paid 100- thousand dollars. >> reporter:there's also reference to cocaine transaction. jackson is said to have been the connection between a dealer and a buyer. >> reporter:and there's mention of a murder for hire plot. court documents say when it came to criminal matters, jackson said he preffered to work with quote: "people in our circle" >> reporter:jackson is also accused of breaking up large sums of cash into legitimate
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campaign donations. also making sure money was sent to leland yee's campaign in exchange for introducing the undercover agent to influential state legislators involved in medical marijuana legislation. >> reporter:jackson is no stranger to politics. in the mid-90's he was the president of the san francisco board of education. and has since worked as a consultant. if convicted of all his charges, and serves consecutive terms, jackson is looking at 150 years in prison. alecia reid kron 4 news. >> catherine: our political analyst says he expects yee to resign from the senate. and also - withdraw from his race for secretary of state. >> catherine: grant is here with michael yaki.who has some analysis on this corruption case. >> reporter: lee right off of that house stud were you? >> shot and completely fiberglass that >> shot shocked and
8:35 pm
completely cyber >> is making this distinction between semi automatic and rifles in the united states which is contrary to all his former stances. >> reporter: estes is hurt the democratic party in california now three state senators in trouble with the law? >> this hurts all lots. they took that on the theme of corruption and i have three prominent democrats in the senate all very prominent and in huge trouble. if you are a republican or independent is a good year for me to run. this is >> reporter: the tip of the eyes bart more allocations to come?
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>> not know but obviously the fbi has been a lot of work in the california area and this is a big one. >> reporter: we thank you michael for your time. >> catherine: we'll continue to follow developments online -- against yee - and the two dozen others involved. it's all on our website.kron4-dot-com. >> catherine: we're learning more about the marine who was killed in a traffic accident in fremont early tuesday. lance corporal andrew silva was on his motorcycle when he was hit and killed by a suspected drunk driver. >> he was a marine also and a very selfless person. a
8:37 pm
very good man and always took care of my sister and kids. >> catherine: a memorial near the corner of decoto road and fremont blvd continues to grow. today, silva's brother-in- law talked about a man he says 'knew about sacrifice.' >> catherine: today - fremont police released this mug-shot of the suspect in the crash -- 23-year-old andrew yohn. he's scheduled to make his first court appearance in ♪icials are taking extreme measures to make sure the fish are taking extreme measures to make sure the fish at kaiser permanente we've reduced serious heart attacks by 62%, which makes days with grandpa jack 100% more possible. join us at and thrive.
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>> catherine: officials launched an unusual rescue operation move nearly half a million salmon closer to the ocean. >> catherine: the young salmon normally rely on currents to get downstream and out to sea. but the scathing drought has reduced water levels.putting the fish at risk of dying. so they're getting a ride. >> >> reporter: >> catherine: this is the first time an operation of this bid has happened and years and is not cheap costing half a million dollars. >> jacqueline: half inch of rain in dublin and little less in richmond on paula out culprit but he lives still tracking a few sales of around the bay area. pushing through walnut creek a while ago trekking about an inch of rain per hour there. dublin, and pleasant
8:41 pm
had a few showers are possible. satellite radar picture showing much of the rain still sees no in the sierra but if you look off shore you can see the spot and showers. here on futurecast at the 11:00 hour tonight continuing with the body lying. spotty rain. >> jacqueline: later and one in the afternoon rain will return to still be spotty nothing to have the current temperature wise '60s the five degrees warmer than what we saw today. as for
8:42 pm
the sierra your looking at highway 50 where the snow was coming down pretty well. two to 8 in. of snow overnight as we head into saturday another bout of heavier rain coming in with the los saturday night and sunday before another bout of plane coming in monday in tatoos that. more rain coming in sunday and monday.
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>> catherine: hey gary sekhmet coming up and while the women play a home at the stamford man arrived in meant this are arriving for [♪]
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levi strauss - based in san francisco - is getting ready to cut about 800 jobs. it's because of the fact the company has been trying to restructure its operations. something that will continue for up to 18 months. the job cuts will affect nearly 20 percent of its
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non-retail and non- manufacturing employees. levi is hoping to eventually save up to 200 million dollars a year and this sunday night. (male announcer): now, the orchard supply sports report with gary radnich. >> gary:a kron four sports special. gary will be joined by manager bruce bochy as we break down the upcoming season. it's all this sunday night at 9 - after the kron 4 news at 8. right after the break: a little ghost story for you. some of the san antonio spurs are absolutely convinced that the hotel where they stay when they play the warriors --- is haunted. return to index of stories... next newscast 11pm stay in touch - kron four - dot -com return to index of stories... that's it for the kron 4 news at 8. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news developments at or download one of our mobile apps. >> gary:it's time for hey gary >> gary:always nice to talk with the audience. >> gary:center fielder is hurt. how well will they pitch? they loss jarrod parker. a's may be better
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than giants >> gary:i a afraid of you.. stanford women will go all the way! >> gary: 30 years leaders and we are still friends 30 years later and we are still
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>> reporter: >> catherine: state senator lee yee plans to plead not guilty called on bonn five under thousand dollars. >> reporter: >> catherine: be just one of 25 people named in the affidavit. shall is named for known as one of the leaders of the chinese mafia. jackson is a political consultant that worked closely with senator he. yee
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>> catherine: this after police say the teacher committed a dozen of sex crimes against children. ron guinto-background and that kron tests are now run on all teachers. >> reporter: this is the claremont hotel a famous hotel in berkeley oakland this is the place where the spurs were state. a lot of people say is haunted the but they have proof. it was the previous think i've heard that her babies in the
8:56 pm
hallway. are really heard voices and a baby in my well there was not anyone in there and might he do not work and had to go downstairs they did not just bring me out there this if they would give me another loan. another role room. >> i have to check this place out >> not so sure. i did not know this the fourth floor at the same creepy feeling and we could not sleep all night >> reporter: catherine they say the fourth floor is the worst floor. >> reporter: the spurs >> catherine: i love ghost story separate but this is the hear children crying children grown and yet nothing was there? children
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in new york city's war on crim the worst criminal offenders ware pursued by the detectives of the major case squad. these are their stories. i tried calling you last night. i was there. i'm a heavy sleeper. listen, you held the cash for the 50-50 raffle-- there should have been $240. you gave me $210. big deal. i miscounted. what is it, $20? $30, tommy. $40 minus ten. and you were late yesterday. five minutes. ten. since we're counting. it's getting worse. something going on? what, i'm the only one runs late? tommy, you scared me. were you alone down there? just me and the fabric softener.


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